Helping to “Capp” Out More Fires


Lois Capps announced the nearly $50,000 grant to the San Luis Obispo Fire Department today.

Today Californian Congresswoman Lois Capps announced that the San Luis Obispo Fire Department would be receiving a grant of $49,000. The grant, from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Assistance to Firefighters Grant program, will be used to purchase new thermal imaging cameras.

These cameras help firefighters find victims more quickly for rescue.


Cal Poly’s Rec Center Via Vlog: A New Motivation?

Cal Poly recently opened the newly revamped recreation center. This week I sat down with four Cal Poly students and got their take on the new facilities, how it is a great new motivation to stay fit, and what their favorite workouts are. Enjoy this vlog, and hopefully get motivated to get your fitness on soon.

Looking Back and Ahead

Looking back, the journey of the blog TLC Your Body has endured some pretty great advances as well as difficulties. But overall, the end product has been a blog that appears to stick true to what its’ purpose was originally: provide a variety workouts that are simple and time-saving.

The opening of Cal Poly’s brand new, high-tech recreational center, made a fitness blog ideal for all those newly motivated gym goers. By having a variety of workout themes, from cycling to circuit training, there was a type of workout for anyone. This created an appeal to a larger audience.

The overall setup TLC Your Body proved to be successful. The headlines were creative, and blog friendly. While the photos were unique and simple and captured the main essence of the story. However, readers have reached out with the idea that it would have been nice to have more pictures in color rather than just in black and white scale.

Furthermore, readers loved the expert advice and workouts they were essentially receiving for free.

The extra information pages, such as the Top Trending Workouts and the clothing page were great additions made as well. These pages would have been much more effective though if they were updated more thoroughly.

In looking ahead there a few things I would like to change:

-More graphics or videos demonstrating how workouts are specifically done

-Add more color to the actual blog and its’ pictures

-Make the posts more concise

With these additions, TLC Your Body will have a much brighter future.

Reporting on fitness was something I found to be particularly enjoyable and inspired me to possibly look in to the journalistic aspect of fitness. Blogging in particular about it was a great experience and proved to be something I had a natural knack for. Continuing to update TLC Your Body I feel could be beneficial in building a resume for this type of journalism and broadening my experience with this kind of technology.

In order to carry on TLC Your Body beyond this quarter I hope to do formal posts twice a month, with less formal posts during that time.

I thank all my reader and followers for their support and feedback these past few months and hope TLC Your Body has inspired them to put a little TLC in their fitness life.

You Lift Weights Like a Girl—Well at Least You Lift Weights

Wavering thoughts about weights? Be a real woman and waver no longer!

Since the 1990’s, where the very frail and model-thin body was very popular, women across the United States have run away in terror at the sight of weights. Thus the birth of a generation of women has arisen that greatly rejects the use of weights.

Women simply fear  “bulking up” 

Well, listen up girls, it is time to overcome this fear. Building muscle is an essential to:

-Core strengthening (essential in supporting everything)

-Toning muscles

-Improving intensity when doing cardio workouts

Allie Jensen, who has recently started increasing her weight workouts through weight circuits at Athlon Elite says that the improvement in her cardio is what she find most beneficial in working out with weights.

“I like mixing weights in with cardio as I really have seen how much better my stamina is in cardio,” Jensen said.

Angela Martin, an American College of Sports Medicine trainer, says it is always important to build muscle and bone density.

“A basic weight workout is really all you need to be effective,” Martin said. “You really don’t even need weights to strength training, you can just use your own body weight to be effective.”

Second Degree Black Belt, Lauren Drewniany, can vouch for how using one’s own body weight as a weight driven workout.

“Muscle is the key to everything,” Drewniany said. “You are weak without it and really can’t defend yourself.”

Drewniany further makes the point that weights help to tone, rather than just look slender and limp.

So ladies, the point is to not go out and buy some muscle powder and start pulling some tires. If improvement in cardio and more toned look is something that is appealing, which is to most, then weight are something definitely worth trying.

Two to three times a week is all this is necessary. Start with a very basic workout (as featured below), and work up to heavier weights and more reps. It is very important to not over strain and to really work up to the higher intensity weight workout.

Who said thin was in? Be toned—not just bones.

The Plan: Beginners Weight Workout

 You’ll Need: 5-10 goblet weights, bench press with weight sizes you are comfortable with,and of  your own body weight

1.) Goblet Squats: holding a goblet firmly with both hands at chest level, proceed down into squat position and then back up as slow as possible. Repeat this 10 times.

2.) Barbell Bench Press: With weights that are comfortable, (if this means just the bar start here, there is nothing to be ashamed of) lie on your back and lift the bar up, being sure to pinch shoulder blades together. Repeat 10 times.

3.) Dips: Using either the actual bench from the bench press or any bench, fireplace, etc., place arms behind you gripping the end of the bench. With legs straight in front of you, balancing on your heels, slowly dip down and then back up. Repeat 10 times.

4.)Crisscross Kicks: see the following video for clear instruction. Repeat 10 kicks on each side.

Crisscross Kicks

5.) Spiderman Push up: In push up position, when going down, bring your knee up to your corresponding elbow, then push up while bringing your leg back down. Alternate sides. Repeat 10 times.

Repeat these five exercises three times each. 

To all girls out there, try something other than monotonously  jogging the treadmill at the gym. Be strong and lift a little weights. Snoop Dogg said it himself, “TONED, tan, FIT, and ready”. So embrace those weights and get ready to show up those meat heads at the gym.

Popularity Pays

In the world of journalism, especially online journalism, the question of whether the amount of pay a journalist receives should be based on the popularity of their work.

While advertisers make their money this way, by the number of hits their ad receives, should the same formula apply to online journalists. Essentially the popularity of their page would cause for them to receive a larger salary.

This does seem logical as essentially the story that is getting hit on more is the one more people are reading. But the problem I see with this is that those topics such an entertainment or sports, where more young people are drawn, and using the web more, would receive a greater payroll. When politics and government stories, that have more importance in reading about would receive fewer hits.

In order to make sure credible journalists are receiving the correct pay needed, the idea of branding must be implanted properly. Branding is essentially where a journalist establishes themselves as a credible source to their audience so that readers will look to them a journalist worth continuously tuning into.

Branding Tips:

-Have a recognizable brand that all will be familiar with

-Be relatable and interactive with the audience

-Communicate the message clearly so that there is a reason to come back again

While the idea of paying those for the popularity of their sites seems logical, in the end those journalists who are credible could be kicked to the side because they do not possess stories with sex.


Like to Dance? Then Tune into Zumba

Zumba Fitness continues to sweep the nation with the party like atmosphere workout. With Zumba’s  upbeat latin and hip hop infused music, the ultimate dance workout has everyone from young to old, females to males raving about its benefits in overall toning and coordination.

As a Zumba instructor, I have seen the benefits of those transform many lives through incredible weight loss, but also in how happy participants are that they have finally found a workout that not only is fun but provides results.

Ellie Ball, Petra Patterson, and Abhinav Jain kindly sat down and provided insight into why they love Zumba and how the music and choreography has changed their bodies. So tune into this podcast get inspired to move and shake those calories away!

Below I have featured a few of my favorite Zumba routines for you to try at home before hitting up an actual class.

Eating and Workout: When is it Best and Necessary to Refuel?

Athletes, fitness fanatics and those new to the world of fitness often times are confronted with the problem of when it is the proper to eat when in a normal workout schedule. Many are afraid to  eat before because they do not want to be sluggish during their workout. While others fear back tracking their hard-earned calories burnt by eating after.  The New York Times article by Gina Kolata, Workouts May Not Be the Best Time for a Snack clears up any concerns.

There are many factors that determine how much food should be consumed and when. Obviously a runner who religiously runs 10-kilometer races do not need to take breaks in between their workouts to refuel with a granola bar of some sort.

In fact eating during a workout make have reverse effects if trying to lose weight, Dr. Manore a sports nutritionist at Oregon State University said.

“People have gotten the message that they have to eat something,” Dr. Manore said. “They guzzle an energy drink or eat a sports bar, but that doesn’t help. And for the many who are trying to lose weight, the habit just adds extra calories.”

Besides the intensity of the workout, the length of the workout is something to consider too when deciding if eating during the workout is wise.

If you eat before a short and moderate one hour workout, it is not necessary to eat during the workout, or even after. If the athlete were to do so, they would just be back tracking their efforts.

However, for an athlete who exercises for two hours or more definitely needs to have had “good” carbohydrates before and possibly some during the workout as well. If this is not done, the athlete’s blood sugar lowers and this results in a bad performance.

When glucose levels are low, this causes for muscles to break down and for the workout to ultimately be counterproductive.

So Here Are the Guidelines in a Nutshell: 

– Eat “good” carbohydrates before working out (no matter how intense the workout is)

-Do not eat during a workout unless exercising for two or more hours

-Finally, repair those muscles after a long intense workout or else muscle will be lost